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SP-16 Ver 1.5 Suggestions

I've been using the SP-16 heavily for about one year.  I love it, but its far from the device as advertised.  Here are my suggestions for Version 1.5 based on my experience with the device.  Some are long shots, but I would think most of these would be rather easy to implement, and would increase the usability/salability of the unit tremendously. 

1.  Wait Record Mode for pad recording

2.  Save Custom Effects Patches

3.  Custom/Third Party Device Profiles (like the AS-1 has now)

4.  Easy way to save BPM and Key info to samples (sick of retyping... or even remembering)

5.  Graph for EQ

6.  Set master BPM to Sample BPM (My Roland SP-808EX could do this.)

7.  Normalize Sample

8.  Zero-crossing points in Playback Edit

9.  Groove Quantize

10.  Envelope Presets for Sample Playback (as portrayed in the owners manual; de-click would be especially useful)

11.  Crossfading in Sample Edit (this is really crucial for a sampler in 2018)

12.  MIDI Transport Control

13.  More effects slots and effects types.  (As originally proposed)

14.  Vocal Processor effect (Gate, Comp, EQ, De-ess, Etc.)

15.  Dedicated EQ on each Track

16.  Dedicated Dynamics (comp,gate) on each track

17.  The ability to quickly "print" effects without resampling, to free up effects slots quickly.

18.  Note overlap; polyphonic sample playback.

19.  Set Sample Rate at Sampling

20.  MIDI IN functionality for the sequencer.  

21.  Better Reverb (I don't expect this.  Reverbs are tough and very subjective.  You really still can't beat a stand alone reverb processor.)

22.  If they can't implement live looping the next best thing would be this:

       Make a sample mode that starts sampling after a user specified number of bars when the play button is pushed, stops MIDI playback at a user specified number of bars, but continues to sample for another user specified number of bars.  Within the eight bar limit, of course.


      Send MIDI Play Message OUT when [PLAY] is pressed.  After "x" number of bars, begin sampling.  After "y" number of bars later, send MIDI Stop OUT.  "z" number of bars later, stop sampling.

      This would allow me to capture reverb tails and such from my synths and what not, and give me more options when using said sample.  Of course Sample Crossfade would go along way in eliminating the need for the sample mode i just described.

Anyway, still hopeful for the Toraiz SP-16 to be everything it could be.  Lastly, Pioneer should do nothing that affects the sound quality, or the simple and easy user interface.


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If I assign different volume parameters to the step keys, why can not I change that track in the mixer in its volume?
Does Pioneer still have to improve or where is the mistake.
I do not want to reprogram all 16 steps until the whole mix is nice.
Thanks in advance

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