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Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 Nudge Problem

Hello guys i have a problem trying to sync my loops or samples with my CDJs Nexus but it seems when i nudge the tempo on the Toraiz it only applies on the triggers of the sequencer but not the loops or the samples that are time-stretched on the Toraiz and they run out of sync/tempo with my CDJs Nexus.

Any solution for this?

This is really not working with me so i hope there is an option that nudges everything with the tempo and not just the triggers on the sequencer.


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Hello Miro,

Im trying to understand your problem. Your saying your nudging the tempo and the samples are going off beat. Are these samples your triggering live along with your CDj song? 

I tried recreating your problem but when I hit nudge everything changes tempo just fine..loops and samples.

Carmelo Figueroa
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Well to explain it in a better way, is to use a loop on your Toraiz (acapella or a random 4 beats loop) and try to nudge it and sync it with your CDJ's tempo, as if your trying to beat match it with the track but this doesn't work with the time-stretched loops or samples on the toraiz, the Nudge function only works with the samples that are on the sequencer of the Toraiz or on the triggers.

I hope u got my point because whenever i play a loop on the Toraiz and i try to beat match it with the CDJ's tempo, it doesn't work. If you use the Pro DJ Link with the sampler and u move the jog wheel on the CDJ, it effects the Sampler's BPM as well and sometimes ur loop on the Toraiz goes out of tempo and there is no way to nudge or shift the tempo up/down.

They have added a tempo slider on the new Sampler unit Pionner DJS-1000. I hope this fix this problem with the upcoming firmware update.

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