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Rekordbox BPM auto roundoff and drifting problem

Hello hope everyone is good, I have a major problem and hopefully someone can help me with.. So for the longest time I've been using recordbox 3.3 (older version) to analyze and arrange my folders and tricks.. what I didn't like is that on a lot of tracks they were never round it off.. For example if it was advertised at 100BPM, it after being analyzed it would show is 100.7BPM so then I would manually have to change the BPM to 100.. So this past week I downloaded the latest version of rekord box 4.3.0 had all my tracks reanalyzed and didn't realize it put all my tracks back to where they were before BPM wise.. so now I have to go back and gimmick the BPM again if that makes any sense.. is there a feature or a way that the BPM is automatically rounded off? I also noticed that after re-analyzing all of my tracks in the latest version of record box , MAJOR DRIFTING while I was DJ Ing this past weekend! I never had that problem before till I reanalyzed all of my tracks in the latest version of record box.. So my question is there a difference in the way tracks are analyzed in the older version of record box versus the newer version?? Also can someone help me figure out as to why I am experiencing a drifting problem while Djing all of a sudden?? I'm using currently using a pair of cdj2000nxs with my USB.. thank you all in advance your help is greatly appreciated

James Macias

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