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PLX - 500 platter motor

So I ordered a pair of the PLX 500's with cases about a month ago. Unboxed them, played with them..generally stoked. I go to practice on them day two and the platter on the left table has stopped working. Checked EVERY possibility..power on because the lights are all on, can switch from 33 to 45 and back, but when I press start/stop..nothing. I then called the company I ordered it from (idjnow.com) and they are super apologetic and nice, tell me to box it up and ship it back and they will confirm it is broken and ship me a new one..no big deal. 

pack it up, ship it out.. 

about 4 days later i am practicing on the other one, i stop to take a break and when i come back from my break..same shit. platter is dead, won't move. not a single thing i can think of that is messed up. Now I'm really in WTF mode. send a few emails to pioneer and idjnow, figure out who my closest authorized dealer is to do a warranty fix because..i want to actually know what the hell is going on..did i just buy some crap? the first table had under 5 hours of play on it. second one less than 20. so i drop that one off at the repair shop. he calls me a couple days later to confirm that it is the motor and he has ordered the new part and he'll call next week when it is ready for pickup. 

now, the replacement table comes in the mail. set that up today and practice on it for MAYBE 2 hours. matter of fact the platter wasn't even on and spinning for a whole hour as for the first hour i was just practicing baby scratches with the platter off. WTF. 

I want to mention that I had a lesson today also...i specifically asked my teacher if i was scratching correctly and using the right pressure..not like mashing it or anything. yeah i'm doing it right. no issues playing on his set of technics..for my hour long lesson. 

What i want to know is if anybody else out there has had any issues like this. I'm already planning on talking to pioneer tomorrow but at this point..3 tables all with less than 15 hours on them...two with less than 5 hours on them have died.. i know it has a year warranty and all but shit..i can't see them lasting for more than a year at this rate. 

Kenny Barnes Answered

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Thanks guys - I'll pass that along to the product team; anyone else?

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