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Rekordbox changed my library with the 4.3.0 update?

 Hey, I'm not exactly sure what happened but it seems like when i updated rekordbox to 4.3.0 it changed the folder that i normally use as my imported library for both traktor and rekordbox to a weird .xml file that i can't find--> /Users/marcipizza/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox/rekordbox.xml ... I looked in that location and no such .xml file is there

It also stopped sorting my music by date added? or rather it changed all the dates so now everything is out of order. and it is not showing the new tracks that i just added to the folder that used to work as my library.  I'm pretty new to rekordbox so I am thoroughly confused any help would be appreciated.  mostly i just want to be able to call a folder on my desktop my music library and manage my tracks from there... is that possible with this new update?

Aura T09

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