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DDJ SB2 and Toraiz AS1

Hi guys!

I went on a trip recently to Japan and bought myself the Toraiz AS-1. Without much knowledge of the device I used it in the store and felt I could really use the sounds generated in my mixes.

How exactly am I suppose to extract the songs from the AS-1 to my computer? I'm assuming I can use these beats in variations to make music. If that is correct what am I suppose to do? Haven't managed to do MIDI mapping in Serato. Haven't managed to get it to work on FL studio. 

I need a way to basically get the beat in .mp3 format, so I could use it in my mixes.

Open to suggestions. Thanks.


Daud Nadeem

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I don't really understand the question. The AS-1 is an analogue synth. If you'd like the sound from it on your computer, you have to use a DAW or similar to record the audio via a soundcard. THe AS-1 does not store anything you play.

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