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Rekordbox reports inaccurate file sizes (Mac)



There's a difference of about 9gb between my collection size as reported by Rekordbox, and my collection size as reported by Mac OS. To make sure this was't due to hidden files, I did the following test:

  1. I selected 2 files in Rekordbox (aiff files, if that makes a difference) and read the file size that Rekordbox reported in the bottom right corner
  2. I selected the same 2 files in Mac OS, and checked their file size there.
  3. I compared the two results

I found that Rekordbox consistently reports a file size much smaller than the actual file sizes.

This was driving me nuts for the longest time. I was trying to synch 115gb of files (file size reported by Rekordbox) onto a 128gb flash drive, but Rekordbox kept reporting there's not room left on the drive and I couldn't figure out why.

Is this a known issue?

Raz Pulurian

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