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Xone K2 and Rekordbox DJ compatability

While I'm waiting for my DDJ RZ to come in so I can activate my license, I bought a Xone K2.  Supposedly it is mappable with any DJ software, though the few posts that are on here (some a couple years ago) commented on issues with that capability,

I am wanting to custom map the K2 to Rekordbox DJ to handle things like instant FX, sample capture / loading, etc.  I can't find ANY maps for the K2 with Rekordbox DJ though they both have been out a while.  


1) How compatible is the K2 with Rekordbox DJ?  What are things that it can't map yet?

2) Is there a special way to connect the K2?  I usually used Traktor and knew to go to the Audio Output and such, but unfamiliar with how to set up Midi Controllers with RBDJ


Hoping it will be a good experience.  Thank you


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