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Please god add polyphonic Midi in and out/better midi functionality

I’m an electronic artist (not a DJ) who’s considering performing live with the SP16. Here is the main thing that has been holding the Toraiz back from being a fully excellent and capable piece of gear for me.

The toraiz currently has VERY limited MIDI functionality and it is only capable of sending one MIDI note at a time out to a synthesizer. It’s MIDI IN capabilities are also pretty limited.

What I want, and what i pray you will please put on the next firmware update is the ability to record POLYPHONIC, not-necessarily-quantized MIDI phrases into the Toraiz, and have them be able to play through the Toraiz’s MIDI out and control outboard gear.

As a keyboardist I play a lot of notes and chord phrases and I would LOVE to have the ability to play a phrase into the Toraiz, using a MIDI keyboard, and have the phrase (exactly as I played it) be able to be recorded in full and sent out via MIDI OUT. By extension, I would LOVE to be able to control multiple synthesizers by, for instance, recording MIDI onto tracks 1 and 2 of the Toraiz, which would then be sent out to two synths, one set to midi channel 1 and one to channel 2.

This is something that all MPCs are able to do and it is the only reason that I would consider using my MPC rather than the Toraiz (which i spent three times as much money on) live. Solving this problem would be INVALUABLE, and would make the Toraiz probably 20 times more useful for live performance.

It also wouldn’t hurt to have a piano roll view which you would be able to edit midi notes onto using the touch screen.

Please please please do this! Thank you!


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Yes, not being able to play chords is lame. Especially when we have the option to use musical scales. 

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