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Toraiz As-1 Sync issue with Ableton live via USB

hi,  just bought the AS -1  mainly for studio use.

I am a bit disappointed too see that the sync is not great .

When I sync via usb with Live u see the first half second the BPM trying to find the right bpm .  by example  live is at 124.  then Toraiz will go from 117 the first few milliseconds to jump to 124.  Obviously impossible to get things synced well .


any update coming or?

Manu Riga

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Hello Manu,

Do you have the latest firmware update for the toraiz AS-1? 

Carmelo Figueroa
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Pioneer, really want to buy one of these, but this problem needs to get resolved first. Please keep me posted if you release a new update that fixes this or you can explain how to fix issue.

Curt Schulz 0 votes
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