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HELP: RKB removes tracks from USB without permission!

I keep my track library organised in iTunes. After an update all my playlists disappeared. I called Apple about the problem and there were back-ups missing so I couldn't retrive the playlists. Luckily I had an up-to-date usb. Or so I thought.

When I plugged the USB in to my PC and opened RKB, it started deleting all tracks on my usb. I couldn't cancel it so I quickly took it out. I have already lost half my playlists. ITS TERRIBLE. Hours and hours of work are put in to these playlists. 

Does anyone know why RKB started clearing my usb? It's probably too late to fix anything, but I would like to prevent this in the future. So much bad luck today..... :'(

Ian Opivm

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