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Disappointed ref V1.4

I'm disappointed that the new version is now delayed until late 2017. Given the long delay I have doubts it will actually ever see light of day. Its a shame as it really is just a couple of minor tweaks and updates required to make the SP-16 pretty good, its got a great user interface already, just those few things missing.

It may be due to all the ridiculous whining about the 32s limit that there is a delay, perhaps Pioneer are trying to make everyone happy when they should keep focus and stick to their brief but include some of the more sensible user requests that are in line with that brief. Perhaps they are simply abandoning the project or scaling back resource? Whatever it is I'm not happy keeping the SP-16 now, its not quite there. I've just got the AS-1 to go with it but now both will be going. You win some you lose some!

It is also very disappointing that Pioneer have locked the 2 threads about V1.4.

Dan P Answered

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Yes, we understand you're disappointed, but to be honest, this is really the only product in Pioneer DJ's lineup that has EVER had a roadmap of updates and their timings announced publicly. There have been countless releases or updates of products, firmware, drivers, and software, that have never been announced to the public for this very reason -- it gets delayed and the users somehow feel robbed.

You can speculate all you want as to the reason, but you don't work for the company and don't have inside information as to what the issues are, why it's delayed, or how complex the task is to include the features as previously outlined / fix issues & complaints.

I know our teams are working very hard to do their best to produce results in a timely manner, so you can make a choice to complain, or to sit back patiently, knowing that there is an update worth waiting for.

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