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Reasons to think i leave from rekordbox.

I come from Traktor and i found Rekordbox, the perfect software for me. But have some problems and i am thinking to come back again in Traktor. Please add in one of the following releases. 

a) SEARCH BOX IN FOLDERS. I have many many many genres and folders and i cant make playlists and smart playlists. In traktor i was playing from drive's folders and i use search inside folder to find a song or filter by comments (new songs, slow etc). Please add a search box in folders like Traktor.


b) When i move path of songs (many songs and many folders), when you press "find missing files" dont have relocate automatically for all songs like traktor. You must go each folder any time. And if you dont want to do this, because is very BORING and you waste a lot of time and prefer to remove all missing files and add the folder again from scratch in collection, you lose cues, my tag, analysis etc. PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH THAT.



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a) click the folder use the search button

b) don't move your files or when you move them make it easy to relocate.  relocating is less boring and less a waste of time than losing your cues, tags, analysis no?

there are bigger problems with rekordbox that should make you want to leave, like no midi clock support.

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a) What you mean my friend? if you are in rekordbox browser, in folders, not in playlist, not in collection, there is not search box. like traktor.

I cant find a screenshot in rekordbox explorer and i dont have my laptop here, but if you choose a music folder from rekordbox explorer the search box dissapeared.

b) this is serious answer? i told i have hundreds folders, i must relocate every folder? i spend 2 months. Traktor have autorelocate. you pressed the button, you wait all night, but in the morning everything was relocated.

You see what i mean? All together!!!

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@Gotham > In order to play music in rekordbox, it has to be analysed. Once it's analysed, it's part of your collection. Searching finds the songs either in the current playlist or in your collection (depending on which you are currently in). If you haven't imported a song from a folder into your collection, the question is why not? There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to search your computer's file folders once the audio files have all been imported to rekordbox; searching will find them!

The reason there's no automatic file relocation is you could have several files with the same name / artist or filename existing on your hard drive. When you move files around, if you have moved a batch of files from one folder to another, you can batch relocate them; physically locate the first file, then tell rekordbox you're using the same location for all the others. If you have moved them to several different folders (the scope of the move is different for several batches of files), you would have to do this several times, but then I would question your music management logic.

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Coming from Traktor to Rekordbox I have exacty the same issues. Comments:

a) agree all music should be imported in RB and could be searched in the main collection/playlists. Then its very fast to load.
I think the point is that both me and Gotham are raising is that we don't want to make playlists; instead we have all music already organized in the operating system Folders/ SubFolders. In this light its really useful to be able to search inside a folder

Example organization:

b) this is a huge one for me, and probably the reason why I have to keep Traktor alive just to be able to mass relocate files that changed filenames - a very common occurrence to me, since I use the filename to automatically generate the artist/title fields using mp3tag.

Traktor makes this easy as it identifies files by AUDIO_ID, and not by folder/filename.


This enables it to automatically find all files recursively. AFAIK rekordbox allows you to relocate files folder by folder, and only if they kept the same name.

Combining both points: I do all my audio preparation on windows explorer / mac finder, both renaming and relocating files a lot until everything is organized in a away that I can find any song at any time. 


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