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Mapping Inadequate

Using an Allen heath Xone K2 to try and midi map some items, but it's horribly limited.  Some issues:


1) Can't SORT by anything other than defaults.  Don't have by Key, Color, Comment, etc

2) Can't add more than Hot Cues 1-8 (Beta has 16, but how the heck do you set them up other than in Performance using the cursor on the screen?)

3) Can't create FX combos for instant gratification like in Traktor

4) Preview Play/Stop still isn't working

Missing several connections to items that are available on the units (I use the DDJ RZ).  Can't choose whether to use rotary or buttons (i.e. scroll through Memory Cues with rotary knob rather than hitting buttons several times).  I'm trying to love Rekordbox, but midi mapping is still so limited and frustrating.  :-(


OS: Mac Sierra 10.12.4

CPU/RAM: 2.5 Ghz i5, 8G 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics: Intel HD 4000 1536 MB

Display: 1280 x 800

Rekordbox Mode: Export and Perfromance

Plus Packs: DJ, DVS, Rmx Effects

Pioneer DDj-RZ  


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I think you can't add the new Hot Cues to your controller because the midi mapping for the additional 9-16 Hot Cues haven't been  implemented yet. I couldn't find a midi mapping for the additional 9-16 FX Pads or the Keyboard and Keyshift Pads either. We'll have to wait for another update, but I'm sure those mappings will available when 5.0 is officially released.  

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There are more MIDI map updates to come, hopefully before the official public 5.0 release!

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