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Time Code Accuracy with Vinyl

OS versio: 10.9.5

CPU: Intel i7 2.3ghz

Ram: 16gb

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT750m 2048mb

Display Res: 2880x1800 Retina

Rekordbox Mode: Performance

Plus Packs: dj/DVS

Pioneer Product: DJm S9 Firmware 1.06

Putting it through the test last night and this is what I found

When beat juggling I find that cueing up tracks with my label sticker at the 12 o'clock postion will slip to the 9 o'clock position by the third juggle. Not sure if this is because of Serato vinyl and not specific Rekordbox vinyl but it was not accurate enough for some of us turntablists as we highly rely on vinyl label position. Serato and Traktor are highly reliable for this. I also found that Traktor control vinyl does not work. It always plays in 45 speed. 

Also the highlight disapears after loading a track which makes me have to re-highlight the selected track if I want to load it to the other deck. Not that big of an issue it just takes time which is vital if you are trying to hit a certain point of a track on time. (might want to consider an "instant double" feature)

lastly... I did manage to do a minor crash on software... while loading a track on a deck that is already playing I completely lost playback on the left channel of the S9 

Hope this helps and sorry if any of this has already been pointed out



Robert Rossi

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Sorry about that... just updated the post with correct info


Robert Rossi 0 votes
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@Robert - Traktor uses a different carrier frequency so their vinyl will not play at the correct pitch. Rekordbox and Serato use similar carrier frequency but the tracking will be affected if you don't use the appropriate control vinyl.

It will work OKAY for mixing, but for any kind of performance turntablism, invest the $ in Rekordbox vinyl, which should track perfectly with Rekordbox software..


DJ Chase 0 votes
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