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5.0.0 Beta 1 - BUGS: Keyboard problem and jog-wheel problem + "Wanted features" + feedback


(specs last in post)

I wanna start to say I really love the way the program is going! The new GUI is fantastic, and to have two decimals in horizontal view was so welcome. Also the key-changer. And to see the time, both at same time. So many things, It looks great. Nice!! Thank you for your commitment now!!

But there are som severe bugs and here comes a few of them:


  1. Keyboard-mode - I have set keys to open and close Memory Cue panel, called "Show Memory Cue Panel", and close it, and set Memory cue. NOTHING of this is working any more.Nothing happens when I press the set keyboard!This has worked on every version I have used, I think since 4.3x.I have the DDJ-RZ.This is so enoying. Because it drags down the tempo and workflow so much. As far as I can see many keyboard command is working when using it on keyboard. Nothing happens.

  2. Inside the MIDI-settings I try to find the above setting for "Show Memory Cue Panel" and to close it! But can not find it anywhere!I want to handle it with "Realese FX-knob" or say "Shift+Parameter1"-button. Where is it or can you please put it in? Then I restart the software and windows after clearing it, then it works again.

  3. Sometimes when I load the program and just touch or try to spin the jog-wheel it goes bananas and just flash forward in superspeed or backwards. ...its like when do a fast search... Then I quit the program, clears the computer, restart it, and then jog-wheels works normal again.



  1. Also as someone else mentioned, I really would like to be able to map the new "Change key-feature" somewhere on the RZ-controller through the MIDI. Otherwise it loose the workflow.

  2. I know the feature with the Key-changer is new, but I would be THE BOMB if you could do a Key-changer for Sampler-slots to on the DDJ-RZ.

  3. The for soooo long awaited feature to be able to erase songs that I do not want anymore at all, songs that I have had in my Collection before but now want to erase totally from "Pulselocker - All tracks-view". I have said this problem before, and Pulselocker has said it is on your side, and you technicers said they would look at it. Please, its getting so much songs now that I can not erase in a fast maner.

  4. To be able to EJECT the song from the decks with some keyboard-mapping! I can not find the eject anywhere there.
    Also inside MIDI-mapping, same feature, would be great to be able to set on buttons on RZ that I regularly dont use in there defaults states.


My setup:

Rekordbox: 5.0.0 (latest, Beta 1) - x64
Controller: DDJ-RZ

Acer Aspire 5739
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2,20GHz 2,20GHZ
RAM: 4Gb
OS: Windows 10 Pro - 64-bit (version 1703 BUT I installed it today, I had it on hold because of your problems with the creator, AND above fault did NOT work even before I updated!)

Graphics driver: NVIDIA - GeForce GT 240M - Driver version: 342.01 (latest)
Display resolution: Through HDMI-cable, set to show ONLY 1 external monitor BENQ - GL2250 - 1920 x 1080, 60Hz
Rekordbox mode: Always Performance-mode
Plus Packs: dj + rmx effects
Model name of Pioneer DJ product used with rekordbox, Firmware/Driver version: Latest for RZ!

I am an advanced user with a Bachelor in Computer Science so I am not like regular user!! I know what I do!

Thank you in advance

Best regards


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