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RB 5.0.0 b1 - USB/LINE is always on LINE when starting up in software

OS version: OSX  Sierra
CPU: i5 2.3
RAM: 8ghz
Graphics driver: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Display resolution:  1280 by 800
rekordbox mode: Performance
Plus Packs: DJ, DVS and Remix 
Model name of Pioneer DJ product used with rekordbox, Firmware/Driver version: DDJ-RZ


When running RB 5, when starting up, even though my hardware toggle on my DDJ-RZ is set to USB, the GUI shows 'external'. So each time I start up, I have to take all my channels flip them to "CD" wait a second then flip back to USB to get it to work. Also, even though it shows External and the the unit is on USB, the devices hooked up to line in don't show up in the mixer (eg. the leds dont' light up). This is a disconnect between the hardware and software..




DJ Chase

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i can confirm the same behavior on ddj sz on mac siera and win 10


Nikos Toufexis 0 votes
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Can you please try with BETA4 released today? I don't have this issue on Mac.

Pulse 0 votes
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