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RB vs Traktor Pro

I changed from Traktor Pro 2 to RB because DDJ-RX doesn't support Traktor. I was pretty excited in the beginning, but after a few days I started noticing that RB still has a lot of issues...
When I analyzed all my songs, I found out that I used Dynamic. So I analyzed again in Normal mode, because I was having a lot of pitch problems. Even in Sync, I was having problems. Now that my library is analyzed in Normal mode, I'm still not impressed with the Sync skills of Rekordbox! In Traktor I just had to analyze my songs and start mixing. When I used Sync, it was always SPOT ON!! The perfect mix! Try achieving that with RB... Nothing works! Even mixing 2 songs without Sync and same pitch is most of the time a lot of work.
I've been a Dj for 20 years now, started out with vinyl and cds after that. I KNOW how to pitch a song! But lately I'm playing at weddings and stuff, so I like to mix fast throughout different genres. So I like using Sync sometimes...
why is it so hard for Pioneer to achieve the same results as Traktor Pro??

Gaetan Answered

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We care, but most users simply don't have the issues as reported. Our rekordbox team is constantly working to improve the functionality of the software and ensure that it operates as intended / marketed.

Please try the rekordbox 5 beta and see if that improves the sync for you.

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its useless I completely agree. Traktor locks things in brilliantly whereas RB is all over the place even though prepping the beat grids suggests everything is locked in. I have given up on it completely and mix everything manually. It's frustrating I do honestly think it was better 18 months back but I don't know whether its hardware (I use cdj2000nxs2 decks) or the software at the root of the issue.


nobody at Pioneer seems to care as I've raised this on many occasions. Maybe the SC5000's would be a better solution 

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Agree about the sync being not quite right. The funny thing is, the sync in export mode seems to work ok, but in performance mode its just not that tight ! 

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