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DDJ SP1 and Vinyl question

I am using 2x PLX-500 and playing music on vinyl (no timecode).

I often use Rekordbox when I record my set, since Rekordbox can still hear the sound even if I have "External Output" engaged.

My question is; does the effects on DDJ SP1 (echo, reverb etc, not loops or cues) work with Rekordbox when you use "External Output"or does it only work for DVS?

Fredrik Redegård Answered

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The DDJ-SP1 will only effect the music that is played within rekordbox regardless of what method (DVS or MIDI) is used to play the music.

Mark Gallo

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Sooo, DDJ SP1 would work for me? :)

I use DVS as well, but mostly I only play on vinyl, but he mixer is still connected to the laptop and Rekordbox is on.

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