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Track remix help/questions

Dear forum

I have one of my friends tracks I want to use the SP-16 to remix. I'm fairly new to the unit and figured this was a good way to learn.

The track I am remixing was recorded at 112 bpm but I want to work at 120 bpm. This seems to be fine for everything except the vocals and guitar.

How can I get the vocal/guitar tracks to sit well with this faster bpm only using features inside the SP-16? I don't want to use the pitch feature cos the vocals start sounding sped up.


Do I have to change the sample in my DAW first and re-import?

Many thanks for any advice or pointing me to videos 

cheers :)


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Hello Hux,

If your are looking to get the best quality tempo change I would recommend changing the sample in your DAW before importing into the SP-16. 



Dj Creme
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