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Rekordbox beta 5.0


I don't understand why in the new rkbx beta 5.0.0 the wheel jog makes a big jump. like 92.95 to 93.75 or 94.20, this is juts example. in the official rkbx 4.5.0 doesn't make that big jumps. I really like how look , but can't Steadily adjustable.

also , I really don't understand why if in rkbx b5.3 the all the RMX EFFECTS can edit  like 1/1 2/1 etc...

and in the rkbx b5.4 NOT

I do not really understand, why pioneer dj, every time do an update always removes very good obsessions and these are modified in another way, which does not favor the software at all.

And another thing that many rekordbox users expect, is that they make the obsession of the camelot scale.
If really pioneer dj wants and want in the future much users of traktor and serato, use rekordbox, this will have to make many changes similar to serato and traktor, but always using their own design of rekordbox.


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