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Pad color SP-16 and other feature requests

Hello pioneer team,

I don't know if it's planned for the 1.4 update, but it would be great if you could add a white/blank color to the color selection, "color#0",  i mean no color i fact just the white light? I really don't like colors on a machine and it would be great to be able not to select a color and to have only the white light. Also if we could have a more "dimmed" pad selection it would be really cool, 3 is not enough for me. All those colors and heavy lights is very disturbing for me when making music:)

And here are my others feature request:

- mono sampling, and the possibility to convert in mono a stereo sample with the choice to keep the left or right channel. 

- sample normalize

- swing per track, the manual offset is cool but when you have a lot of steps to do it takes a lot of time. it's just more confortable and it really helps getting great grooves compared to general swing.

I just got the sp-16 so i'm late for the requests but thank you for listening to my message and all the best for the 1.4 firmware:)

Kind regards


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Hello Glacius,

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. I will pass this along to the production team. 

Dj Creme
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All good ideas, hopefull they can be incorporated.
Mute slice would be good also, with the pad greyed out.
I never have 16 great slices, always a couple of dogs I'd rather were taken out of the equation

Francis Walker 0 votes
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> I never have 16 great slices, always a couple of dogs I'd rather were taken out of the equation


But you wouldn't play them in order all the time. It's about parameter locking the slices you want on each step. Changing pitch, attack, decay, filter. 16 slices is just the beginning.


Teles 0 votes
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