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Beta Observations

OS version: 10.12.6
CPU: i5 2.5
RAM: 15
Graphics driver: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB
Display resolution: 13.3-inch (1280 x 800)
rekordbox mode: Performance
Plus Packs: dj / dvs / video
Model name of Pioneer DJ product used with rekordbox, Firmware/Driver version: CDJ-2000 Original, SP1, DJM-900SRT

Details: I have used the beta for about 60 hours now with about 40 of those being in a live club setting. I've noticed if you switch from hot cue to any other feature such as effects on the SP1 while Performance mode is collapsed down into browse mode, that when you pull back into my usual 2 deck vertical, the pad fx section just looks crazy and isnt responsive unless you go tap the hot cue to get it back to that mode, as if it doesnt recognize the switch when its collapsed. Thats not really a major issue, and besides the occasional lag when scrolling with the SP1 and some momentary non-responsiveness when trying to scrolll through too quickly that was the worst problem I've had yet, until Saturday night. I have a routine where I use the reverse on the CDJs and when I flicked that reverse on both of them it locked up super quick, pinwheeled, and shut off. I was able to replicate the error again on Sunday so I'd assume cautiously that it has something to do with the reverse or however processing that works. I'll try to keep up and post more issues as I see them.

There is one feature I'd love to see in the new Performance mode, and that would be something similar to "Mark as Played" as a nightclub guy I don't like to be repetitive and so it would be awesome if I could go into last Saturdays history, highlight em all and mark as played so I do not repeat the track the following week. Thank you, and I can't wait til the final is released! Definitely a game changer if we can just get people to see the light!

J. Stevens Answered

Official comment


Hi J. Stevens

Thank you for reporting the issue.

Regarding the 1st issue, unfortunately we can not reproduce the issue you pointed out.

It will be easier to understand what happens if you can post a video on this thread.

Regarding the 2nd issue, our engineer team can reproduce the issue and is now improving.

Best Regards,

Tomoharu Kirihara
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I forgot to add one thing, everytime I go to analyze files it asks me what BPM range I want to use, even when I click do not ask me again


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