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Rekordbox 5 beta5 Sampler color bug

OS version: OSX  Sierra
CPU: i5 2.3
RAM: 8ghz
Graphics driver: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Display resolution:  1280 by 800
rekordbox mode: Performance 
Plus Packs: DJ, DVS and Remix 
Model name of Pioneer DJ product used with rekordbox, Firmware/Driver version: DDJ-RZ 


I noticed when using Rekordbox 5 last night with my DDJ-RZ that when hitting SAMPLER, the right deck is a bright pink and the left deck sampler is a purple.  Both are the regular sampler (not the velocity sampler).  I reset my key mapping but the bug persisted making it confusing to see what mode one is in.

Also, pressing holding shift  changes the color of the "HOT CUE" and "PAD EFFECTS" buttons to reflect the other modes but the pads still say in their original mode.




DJ Chase

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