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Rekordbox & Dropbox... Cant find it ;-)

Hi There, Hope you guys can help me out with this...

We are Groef, two djs from the Netherlands. We perform as 1 dj/act.
We worked with traktor, but for many reasons we want to change to Rekordbox.

But now our issue. With traktor we use just 1 dropbox folder with all our music, and this syncs our both macs. So if i make a tag or loop, my friend sees this right away and can use it as well.

But with rekordbox, (searched and searched) i have my doubts if we can do it like above... The only thing in can find on the world wide web is "export with usb".

We just want to use 1 drive (dropbox) and two macs where we can both edit our tracks...

Can somebody help us?


Pjotr van der Marel

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