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Instant Doubles/SP1 Issues

OS version: 10.12.6
CPU: i5 2.5
RAM: 15
Graphics driver: Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB
Display resolution: 13.3-inch (1280 x 800)
rekordbox mode: Performance
Plus Packs: dj / dvs / video
Model name of Pioneer DJ product used with rekordbox, Firmware/Driver version: CDJ-2000 Original, SP1, DJM-900SRT

When using "instant doubles" if I had any saved cue point information such as text or color coding, it did not show up on the other track screen, it did have the right cue points as far as time, just not text or color.

I used a DJM-900NXS2 the other day as well, and with the SP1, the top effects section wouldn't work for both sides, so normally left is 1 and right is 2, it would only let me select 1 or 2 on one side at a time, I could not use both the left and right effects at the same time.


I've noticed a lot of lagging when scrolling through a library either manually with 2 fingers on a mac, or using the scroll on the SP1. There is also alot of freezing of the track time, the track will play as usual but it seems to have lost control momentarily on the software side of things.

One feature I would LOVE to see PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE as a longtime DJ, I love the play count feature, its amazing, but something that could be "Mark As Played" would be incredible to help those who play a lot of the same spots week in and week out, or even mobile guys who don't or can't play certain songs so it doesn't happen on accident.


J. Stevens Answered

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@J Stevens >

1) Were you running the official 5.0 release? Because it seems to work properly for text and colour info when doing an instant double, and any new info saved is automatically shown on the other player.

2) When using a DJM-900NXS2, the audio effects are reduced to a single, parallel, FX module, so the SP1 performance is expected. You'll still be able to control each of the six FX.

3) How many tracks are in your collection? I've got over 40,000 loaded and don't experience that (but I also have a much more powerful computer). Is the CPU load indicator anywhere near the max? (Top right, beside the clock.)

@Mike > I believe I answered your question re: smart playlist lag when opening in another topic; please don't multi-post.

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I've noticed lag/freeze problems when I'm using smart playlists, usually the first time I open them.  Not seen the problem with regular playlists though.


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@Pulse, #1 when I posted this it was like a day before the official release so it was the Beta. I haven't used Instant Doubles on the new one yet, I'll let you know soon as I do.

#2 All 6 did work, but I couldn't assign deck 1 to the left side and deck to the right side, i could only select one side at a time. I use the effects enough that it was rather annoying, but I don't use the NXS2 enough currently to let it bother me.

#3  I keep about 14,000 or so tracks in Rekordbox, but I've never seen the CPU load indicator flinch past about 15%ish. It didn't happen in other versions, there are moments as well where the audio will continue playing but the track time will freeze and then jump back to normal, I'll take a video when it happens again for you to look at.

Thanks for everything


J. Stevens 0 votes
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