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Rekordbox 5 Final Size Issue (with design solution attached)

Pioneer Team,

I posted about this in the beta forum and seen at least 10 other posts saying the same thing --

In RB 5 in horizon waveform view, important info like BPM, original BPM, Key are all way too small.  I have perfect 20/20 vision and cannot see it on my Macbook Pro unless my face is stuck in my screen. This is info we need to see at a quick glance and not something we should squint at.

Take a look at the screenshot below showing RB 5 (left) and RB 4 (right)

The odd time i'm doing really quick cuts (20-30 seconds), I enable sync and the original BPM is now in red in even SMALLER font, making it illegible.  See screenshot below:

This is on a 13" MBP (non retina). With a laptop 2.5 ft away from my eyes (on a DJ stand) it is impossible to see the original BPM. 

I'm not asking to redesign the interface just increase the font size.  Here's a quick mock up with increased fonts for better legibility:

As you can see, everything fits but the fonts are just increased.  No need to redo the GUI because its already awesome, just fix the font size!  Thanks



DJ Chase Answered

Official comment


We understand and have forwarded this to the product team, however I don't have any information for you on whether there will be any changes to that, nor a timeline if they decide to do so.

Thanks for your feedback.

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