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Public beta version of rekordbox 5.0.2 beta1 released on Sep.27.


Dear valued rekordbox customers,

Public beta version of rekordbox [5.0.2 beta1] has been released with several fixes. 

Please download and install it from the links below and send your feedback to us in this forum page. 


Download links:


Windows 64bit

Windows 32bit


 - Release notes -

 [ Fixed ]
  • Application may freeze when INTERFACE 2 was connected to a Mac. (#36816, #37366, #37146, #37506, #37911, #36734, #37646, #38867, #35731)
  • Crashed when "Cancel" was selected on the account setup dialog. (#38612)
  • Order of column sort was opposite. (#39185)
  • Track could not be deleted after selecting "Show in Explorer". (#38864, #39237)
  • 4:3 video was not displayed in a correct aspect ratio.
  • Auto gain value was minimized when tracks were imported via rekordbox.xml.
  • Color icon was not displayed in the pull-down menu if color name was changed in the Preferences. (#39153)
  • Loop length may be wrong when BPM was manually input on the grid edit screen. (#35312)
  • AAC files whose sampling rate was 22050Hz were not played properly. (#37047)
  • Input record in the Preferences became blank when CH4 was selected as a record channel for the certain models of DJM.
  • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.



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