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Rbx Taglist!

When I'm searching for tracks in taglist, i can use "location" to find where they are

But a feature that would be most appreciated is "Play-List" as well.

For and example, say that I'm searching for Bag raiders - Shooting stars, and i want to find the location for this one track but the tracks thats on that list as well, if it has been created of course.


I can see a use for this when searching for duplicate tracks in several lists.

Course when i did a search i had over 6 duplicates of the same track and it would be nice to be able to search for it and get all the lists where this track is found

One more thing, to be able to import playlists are great. But whats even better is to be able to analyze on the fly. Cause sometimes you don't have time to find a particular playlist but just pop a device in and analyze a few tracks even without a complete collection and its data.

Especially if you done it in Dynamic or Normal mode

Do you know what I'm getting at?

Or is it reaching to far?


Martin db

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