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Dj gear setup dilema

Hi , ive been djing for two year now . and i want to take it to the next lvl.
Im currently playing ddj sx2 , and thinking about a few options..
Digitial djing made it easier , and i never had to practice beatmatching by ear . but its deffently on my minmind , allthough digital dijing allowed me to to be more active (for example working with more than 2 decks at a time and droping every one or two phrases without a problem) .. So heres my dilema , first of all i want to start practice turntable mixing and scratching . (then ill have to work on my ears for beatmatching) but i still want to use my skills as a digital dj and not take 10 steps back so i want to combine them together . i thought abiut xdj rx but 2 channels is a bit dissapointing ..
The reasons i dont want to stay with the sx2 are
-dont want to look up to my laptop , i prefer a small screen on the platter so i dont have tp look up .
-efdects on top are annoying - want to use effects like in a regular mixer
-spinbacks are only 1 bar..
Thanks for the help

G Lad Tal

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