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Latency with multi linked Pioneer players?

Hi All,

Just wondered about peoples experiences using multi linked players and if you've ever experienced any latency at all?

I have used 2 players linked before, with a 3rd stand alone, with no issues as the 2 linked players talk directly to each other.

But I've never used 3/4 players linked with a switch, until this weekend. I hated it as there appeared to be some real latency between what I was seeing on my displays and the audio - which I'm assuming is a problem with the cheap switch being used?

  • Cueing from the first memory points wasn't in time (few milliseconds delay)
  • The bar display wasn't in sync (but audio was)
  • I also had BPMs swinging all over the place - I know this is true as I had a couple of tracks that are the exact same speed which I was constantly playing around with the pitch on them.

All the tracks are properly processed in Rekordbox and I use a DDJ-RX at home so I know there is no problem with my library at all.

Has anyone else ever had similar experiences to this? Is it a switch problem or a USB problem?

(I was on 4 x Nexus 2's with a DJM 900)

Samuel Alexander Spratt

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