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Total Disaster Rekordbox 5.0.2 Beta2 + DDJ-RZX

Last night I tried to install version 5.0.2 Beta2 since there are some fixes from errors that I reported but this was the worst decision I did.

After installation tried to mix but every time I loaded a track Rekordbox Freezes and the RZX become to behave very strange.

See the video below:


My nightmare started when I restarted the computer and tried to use the official Rekordbox version that presents the same behavior.

The result wast that I spent hours to clean-up completely the installation in order to be able to use Rekordbox again.

Do not try to use version 5.0.2 at least with RZX.

I created the inquire number #41103 reporting this issue where I placed a DMP file for evaluation.


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Glad to hear it's working - thanks for letting us know.

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Yesterday since the official version 5.0.2 was released, I decided to upgrade my Rekordbox using the standard upgrade process and it works fine. 

I used it during 1 hour with my DDJ-RZX and I faced no problems, in addition to that 2 bugs was fixed regarding missing key information in RZX when using the left or right screen to see 2 tracks and also the selection of track using rotary screen that not return to Wavefor,

Both issues were fixed and I did not faced any issue with official version so far.


Thanks Pionneer to fix the 2 issues I reported.






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