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DDJ-SZ2 Sampler output to Master Output (Driver/Firmware/Utiltity/Serato Bug)

Update:  I learned that the "M" Master output in Serato DJ is actually "Multi-channel".  "A" Aux is the selection for having a dedicated Sampler channel for mixing at Master output.  Is it possible to add the Sampler "A" Aux output option to the DDJ-SZ2 by Driver/Firmware & SDJ update? 
I explain a little more in my third post.


DDJ-SZ2 Sampler output to Master Output (Driver/Firmware/Utiltity/Serato Bug)

Many users are having a problem with the DDJ-SZ2 using Serato Sampler output set to "Master".  More issues have reported it on Serato's site, but this issue could be either situation:  1) Serato software sampler Output bug, or 2) Pioneer driver/firmware/utility routing bug.

When Sampler output is set to "Master" in Serato, it should go to the Master Mix output (according to their site).  The DDJ-SZ2 signal flow diagram shows that it should be summed at the same time as the Master Oscillator is summed (which works correctly).

However, the output is being split into 4 channels (you can see all the DDJ's channel meters go up in the green when you press the sample on max sampler volume).

The master output level of the sampler is amplified by the number of channels open (so open 4 faders = 4x the volume of 1 open fader).

This is terrible because the Sampler should be a 5th "Aux" channel layered on top of the main 4 channels, not split across them & then summed.

I haven't noticed this issue with my previous DDJ-SX2 or DJM-S9, but I heard the original DDJ-SZ had this issue also.

Please fix this issue, so the Serato Sampler is output to the master channel correctly, as described in Serato & Pioneer documentation.

Please investigate your driver/utility & firmware, alongside Serato investigating their software, & fix this for your Pro controller.

Thank you!

Kevin Houser

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I posted this in DDJ forum too.  Mark said he is looking into it.  I'm not sure which place will get the attention it needs to be resolved & it's a bug/suggestion, so I'm posting here too.


I think I found a clue to the problem.  The Computer Audio Output to the Controller Audio Input has a channel change when Serato starts running.

With Serato running, the Driver Utility changes USB 9/10 from "Sampler Volume" to "Cue".  The audio connection for the Sampler is changing when Serato is turned on.  I don't know why "Cue" would need its own input, since it just listens to CH1-4 & the summed Master anyway.


Without Serato running but with DDJ-SZ2 connected, USB 9/10 says "Sampler":

With Serato running and DDJ-SZ2 connected, USB 9/10 turns into "Cue":


If Cue output is really needed, I would think it'd be needed for using DDJ-SZ2 with other software (like Traktor), rather than with Serato.  I'm wondering if this wasn't a boolean logic mistake with someone writing a true/false IF statement.  i.e. maybe it's backwards.

I can't imagine a case where you'd want to use a "Sampler" channel with DDJ-SZ2 connected to the computer, but not connected to Serato.  It sounds awfully specific to Serato.  So that's why I'm thinking it may have been reversed in the Driver utility.

Can you make it so that it sends the Sampler audio separate from Channels 1-4, while running Serato DJ?

I learned that it is copying the Sampler volume across all 4 channels (not dividing it by 4 and then copying, it's just straight copying), when using Master output.  The result is a master sampler volume 4x louder than it's supposed to be, when all 4 faders are open.

Since I mix with all 4 channels, the only option right now is to keep it in Master output and be careful to only have one channel open at a time.  It's worsened by the fact that each channe's trim also adjusts the gain of the Sampler on that channel... so if your music track is loud & have trim down low... your sampler will be quiet on that channel until you raise the trim again.

Please address this ASAP.  Your DDJ-SZ2 is a great tool for serious DJ's that want to be very mobile.  Unfortunately, these extra features like Sampler controls are some of the reasons we go for a controller instead of a CDJ setup... or a cheaper controller.

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