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Rekordbox DJ Relative Mode DVS

hi there. i have a question regarding absolute and relative modes on rekordbox dj with dvs via the control signal.
i have 2 cdjs 2000 and 1 djm900 connected. im using the djm900 as a soundcard. the cdj2000's are connected normally via the rca cables.
im using the latest version of rekordbox dj.
i have copied the rekordbox control signal onto a usb drive and am using that.
when i am in relative mode i cannot cue tracks. whenever i cue it on the cdj the track just keep on going forward in rekordbox dj. the cue works fine in absolute mode but then i cant use loops in that. and if i loop using the cdjs in absolut mode then the loops are not proper or perfect.
could you tell me how to get the cue working in relative mode.


lediscjockey Answered

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Sorry, what you're asking isn't possible.

By design, relative mode works only to know which direction and how fast the playback takes place. It doesn't care where in the timecode it happens. The reason you can loop  and hotcue within the software in REL mode is because the timecode signal continues to move and the loop jumps position. The software just says "okay, which way and how fast."

Absolute mode allows you to cue, because each time you hit the cue button, a tiny bit of signal indicating THAT POINT of the timecode is sent, telling the software "Hey, I'm here, and this is how fast I'm playing in this direction." What you CAN do with ABS mode is loop or jump to hot cues on the player itself, because, again, that timecode tells the software WHERE in the audio to be.

If you're using CDJ2000's, why aren't you using them as HID controllers for rekordbox? It's much more accurate, with lower latency, and you get all the functionality of looping and hot cues from the players to control the software.

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