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Some suggestions for rekordbox

(sorry for the english)

I am a user from VDJ and I see that RB is way better in a lot of aspects, but misses some great features that VDJ have. I know that you dont have to copy them but you could find a different aproach for this problems if you want to.

1. GUI for jog mode - I know that you can bind in the keyboard but would be better the GUI

2. Search bar - There's only a search bar for the collection, for djs that organize their songs in a lot of sub folders this is terrible, would be nice a search bar for every folder

3. Change the notes - you show the note of the ton from each song, but not in the Camelot System way, would be much easier to organize with the notes like 1A, 3B ...

4. Jog sensiblity - we should control completely the jog speed, is very important for beatmatching

5. Show the volume - in VDJ we can adjust the gains for the 2 songs stay in the same volume

6. Mark the first beat - sometimes the song dont recognize the first beat and cue the second, and we cant change it, it would be nice mark cues before the song starts

7. Interface control, the interface is too much static, for example if we show the FX, waves and the bar of the songs we get a limited space to show the files, we could adjust the waves that are too big, or put the fx in the sides , and even the sampler could be smaller too (using "small" notebooks we can only see 5 songs on below)

8. Controller buttons - i have a ddj RB and there is only one knob for fx, insteads of using buttons auto and tap for the beat i prefer to use for changing the fx for what i want for example, we can adjust this in VDJ and is really worth 

I am not asking to do the same as they do, but I think that those are small problems that affect the dj performance, RB is getting really cool and for me is the next big software but you first need to fix those things. 

Hope that i've helped you.

Eduardo Lopes

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