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Rekordbox Must Change

As a 6 years Traktor pro User , now I am working with rekordbox 8 months because i made the mistake to buy the Pioneer DDJ-RR wich i didn't notice is only for Rekordbox. i write this post because i want to tell my story with the Rekordbox Experience. First of all the function Sync is not working as it have to... With the updates in this 8 months i see that Pioneer try to make better the analyze of tracks and i see some good results (BUT) all DJ programs have 2 functions in Sync ( beat sync and tempo sync ) Rekordbox's Sync not working well , when i try to load 2 tracks In sync mode every time the beat is wrong + the lock +6 +10 +16 system squeeze balls in my opinion. Second Problem For me is the Search bar . hundred  of users begging Pioneer to make this add in rekordbox wich is so easy for the pioneer's programmers to add this But i See Pulse says no need because is in all collection and on the List u can Make. Personally i dont play with list ( This is the way i play and i dont want to Change my style because of Rekordbox) Finally i want to say that in 8 months i use rekordbox my PC or the Software never Crashed ( I use windows 10 ) Thats the good of all my story and i want to say bravo to the Programmers.

I Love My Console , i always use Pioneer Hardware but as u can read in forum everyday users make complains about rekordbox stability ot for other issues . 

I wish i could play more with this software if u Fix The problems. i login everyday in forum to spend my time reading news or other users Ideas. I want to Please Pioneer to try focus in Our Needs and dont make us to change the way we play music or make us to regret for our Choises. 

Thank you. 


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