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CDJ 2000 with Traktor 64 bit and Windows 10


I'm wondering if there was ever a solution to this issue?

I'm using the latest version of Traktor on Windows 10 with uptodate CDJ 2000 ASIO drivers and a DJM 9000.

When I use the CDJ 2000 sound cards, all the sound comes out of one channel on the DJM 900.

I then use the 32 bit version of Traktor, the sound is distributed to the proper channels but the software grinds to a halt after 10 minutes and then BSOD.

I then installed the DJM 900 ASIO drivers and use that as the sound card in TRAKTOR but the audio pops and crackles make this also unusable. I haven't tried disabling this that and the next thing because this is an almost new laptop which should not be seeing any of these issues.

Can someone give me a way to either

1) use the 64 bit version of Traktor  using the CDJ sound cards so that the channels are properly assigned OR

2) Use the DJM 900 as the sound card without the terrible pops and crackles and without disabling everything on my laptop.


The crazy thing is I'm running a 5 year old Windows 7 laptop as a backup right now. How can tis cope but the new Windows 10 laptop has issues?

Thanks in advance


Alex McDonald

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You can't use the two CDJs for audio output because they're two separate audio devices and Traktor doesn't like that.

Why not use the 64bit version of Traktor since all DJM drivers are now 64bit? If it pops and crackles, increase the audio buffer size.


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