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DDJ-SP1 replacement

Not sure if this has been asked, but would love to see a replacement for the DDJ-SP1.  The XP1 is nice with the extra pads, however it leaves out the ability to control the beat effects.

The SP1 does the job but the lack of colored pads make it difficult to visually see what cues trigger what parts of the song. For example, RED for breakdown, blue for outro etc

I think Pioneer would do well to release a $250 DDJ-RP1 or DDJ-SP2 with the same DDJ-SP1 internals but add colored pads and maybe the slide FX or something to help justify an upgrade.  


DJ Chase

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i was checking the xp1, until i noticed the lack of fx control so i also agree with your whole comment

and plus, the fx slider should double as a touch strip!

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