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Toraiz AS-1 --- CLOCK problems and background noise (buzz…)

Hi all !

I bought the Toraiz AS-1 and I am very excited about this Synth, which I congratulate PioneerDJ, but I also struggled with some issues that I think will be resolved at the next update.

I mention that the device is updated to the latest version ( and calibrated.


Problems :

1. Being in the "CLOCK / Time Div" menu with the sequencer turned on, when switching from one splitting value to another (example: 1/32 or 1/16 Triplet, to 1/8 Swing etc ...) , especially when the tempo decreases or rises sharply, produces a background noise (buzz ...), the running sequence pauses for a while and for about a second (sometimes two) runs chaotically, and then returns and runs normally until it moves another tempo value in "CLOCK / Time Div" and the malfunction is repeated.

2. When the sequencer is switched on and the real-time sequences change with SHIFT & Latch / in "Quick Program" (1…13), or when the sound of "PROGRAM / Bank" changes with the sequencer turned on, the sequence at which the passage is performed behaves in a strange way, as in the example in point 1 exposed above ; I suspect that because of the BPM (tempo) differences in which the sequences are set, the number of steps from which each sequence is formed, perhaps even the effects of each sequence, all of this influences the correct synchronization of the passage from one sequence to another sequence .

3. When you change the program or sequence, there is a short interruption and a background noise (buzz…) that sounds quite obvious, regardless of whether the program changes directly from the buttons on the unit or Sound Editor LE software (from Soundtower).

It would be good to move from one sound to another, or from one sequence to another, be done without the sudden interruption of the sound or the sequence and without background noise (buzz ...).

I specify that when transposing a sequence on the keyboard, that short background noise (buzz ...) does not exist, it occurs strictly when changing the program or sequence associated with a program.


Toraiz AS-1 is an excellent Synth and I would love to keep it if the problems presented could be resolved at the next software update; it is frustrating to use it live and to highlight for the listeners the issues mentioned.


Thanks in advance for an official response or any suggestion that might help !


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Hello and thank you for reporting your issues. I will pass this along to our production team and try to get you a resolution. 

D.j. Creme
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I have encountered another problem:

1. when the sequence is switched on and the parameter changes with "VALUE" from 0 -127 in the "EFFECTS - Chorus Dpth" section, it generates background noise in speakers - "Buzz ...", only when the FX button on the right side, is ON .

2. If the "GLOBAL" button is pressed to access the menu, with the sequencer turned on, when you exit the "GLOBAL" menu, when the button light goes off, for about a second, the sequence degrades and works overlapped / chaotic, then returns and works correctly .

Note that the sequence does not degrade when the "GLOBAL" button is started, but only when it stops / when the light goes off.


I do not want you to think I have made an occupation of looking for the Toraiz AS-1 defects, but I think it is helpful for the technical team to know what problems it has, especially before the next firmware update .

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Our production team is having a hard time trying to replicate your issue. Can you please answer the 3 questions below as best as you can. 

Also can you record a video of your issue so we can see what is the issues you are having. 


1. Does the noise occur always when changing the Program? 
(Or, does it occur only when changing from a specific Program to another Program? Or. does it occur whenever operations you use? )

2. If the specific Programs are changed, does it occur? If so, please provide the Program. 

3. If the noise can be heard on usual speakers, please provide the video of such noise. 




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