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Rekordbox Playlists

My apologies if this has been suggested before, but I would love a feature that would highlight all applicable playlists when I click on any track in my library (regardless of if I've selected it in a playlist view, or in the main Collection view). Any time I select a track, anywhere, I'd love to see which playlists it's in. 

I add tracks to multiple playlists, but there's no way I can see to show me which playlists I have already added the track to. 

This would really help me if I add a new playlist and later, select a track. I could see that the track isn't in the new playlist immediately and that would prompt me to add it. 

So, I'm asking for a visualization that perhaps changes the background color, or the text color of all playlists that the currently selected track is present in. 

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Sean Puffett Answered

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Unfortunately changing the GUI will not happen, but you can find the playlists a song is in... select a song, click this, the drop-down will link all the playlists with that song.

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