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Cue point at first beat (or not)


all of my music is bought from either Beatport or Traxsource so its good but when loading into Rekordbox, there seems to be an issue with the cue point. See this image, there is 1 whole beat of empty space. Yes i can add a cue point but i have a ton of tracks like this and would like the cue point be correct. The yellow indicator is the cue point so how can i move it / adjust it so that its correct and stays at the first beat? I dont want to have manual cue points on selected tracks, i dont dj that way.



Nacho Shaw Answered

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The yellow indicator is the temporary cue, not a memory point. The first beat is the one with the red dot. Set your preference to cue to the audio rather than a memory point. Uncheck the Load Setting box, set the value for the Auto Cue Level:

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