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Feature Suggestsion : don't change BPM when pressing tempo range button

== Products ==  across all CDJ and controllers range

== Feature == while a track is playing, avoid if possible changing the BPM after pressing [Tempo Range]

=> If moving to a "possible" range (i.e. current BPM is attainable with slider in this range), wait until the slider crosses that BPM

=> If moving to an "impossible" range (i.e. current BPM outside selected tempo range)
   - Either skip that tempo range and move to the next
   - Or wait until the slider is moved to change the range

== Feasibility == I believe this should be fairly easy for many products, as that behavior is mostly what happens when a deck was in Beat-Sync and then becomes Master


Cheers !

zaicik Answered

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I know, right? Super annoying, especially if you're just trying to go from 16 back to 6 but have to go past WIDE and it takes you for a ride.

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