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Having my collection in one place on C

I am using drive T: (USB drive) to transfer files to my "party laptop". It has only one drive C:.

I already knew hot to get this done. Well. The process is so convoluted that I don't know AGAIN.

I import, export playlists, do more things. Still, on my laptop, in the "Collection" the tracks are still on T!

I need them on C:. This is easily the worst part of Rekordbox, please help.

Jakub Kinowski Answered

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The process isn't convoluted ... but how you did it may have been more difficult than necessary.

As everything is now (hopefully) in the same folder structure on the C: drive as it was on the T: drive, just at a different parent path, follow the instructions in my video here to perform a batch-relocation.

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This doesn't make sense at all. I don't want to change folder names or relocate.

I want to add a folder with files from drive T: to my collection on drive C:.

What you are showing in the video has nothing to do with that, why all these complexity? Is there a normal, intuitive way of managing files in Rekordbox?

What I see in the video is the opposite of that. It's cool you know these technicalities, but I don't want to relocate. I want to add files to collection from an external drive. This should be one of the most easy and intuitive things to do.

Simple instructions please, thank you.

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If you move the files from T: to C:, you are changing where rekordbox thinks they are.

If you import a song from T:\Music\song.mp3 and add it to your rekordbox collection, rekordbox will always look for it at T:\Music\song.mp3.

Should you want to then move it to the C drive and say, for example, it would live at C:\Users\Jakub\Music\song.mp3, and you want rekordbox to read from that file, you need to tell rekordbox to relocate it. Since the only "change" is from T:\ to C:\Users\Jakub (the rest of the path remains the same), you are able to batch relocate all the files using the process noted above.

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