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DJS-1000 - Nudge Buttons Cancel Sync Over MIDI

Is it possible to cancel sync coming from a 5-pin MIDI connection by pressing one of the Nudge buttons?  When using LINK, this is how the DJS operates.  This does not happen when the DJS is in MIDI mode, as these buttons (and the tempo fader) are strangely disabled. 

It would be nice to allow the DJS to get a burst or single update of BPM data over MIDI, then allow it to run on its own.  This can be done currently but requires some menu diving and several touchscreen button presses.  Nudge-to-cancel-MIDI would put this operation on the front face, with a single press of a hardware button. 



Donny H

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1) super short answer: Midi Clock doesn't have the ability to allow slaved device to be nudged (in a way useful to the art of DJing). PRO LINK does allow for this ability (since it was designed as a communications protocol for timing/DJ uses). [kind of unsatisfying answer but mostly correct.]

2) even shorter answer: see page 20 of the DJS-1000 manual. [it took me a few years of DJS-1000 use and re-reads of this page to fully unpack what I think this page means for answering questions like "why can't Midi be nudged on device X?"]

3) longish answer: PRO LINK allows the sequencer of the DJS-1000 (in Player Mode) to synchronize to the MASTER player (a device playing a rekordbox analyzed track) via TEMPO (BPM), BEAT (quarter note or 1 step button on the DJS sequencer), or BAR (64 steps equals 4 Bars in the parlance of the DJS ). if the DJS-1000 is in SYNC mode with a master player, and you use NUDGE, the SYNC light will start flashing meaning the DJS-1000 is now synchronized via TEMPO only (same BPM just slightly different play head position relative to Master?), opposed to being  'locked' to the Master player's BEAT/BAR and set to same TEMPO.

MIDI allows the sequencer of the DJS-1000 to synchronize to an external Midi device (MASTER Midi device) via Midi Clock, which for the DJS-1000 means via TEMPO. but since the DJS is Midi Clock slaved via Tempo, temporarily changing the tempo isn't possible and if it was it would simply go back to the same sync state you wanted to nudge out of [poorly explained answer]

Maybe that helps in thinking about the 'whys' of the DJS?

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Thanks for the background, it's helpful.

This was more of a feature suggestion.  My idea is to have one of the nudge buttons immediately take the DJS OUT of MIDI mode and back into Pro Link mode (as well as nudge in the appropriate direction).  All this can be done currently but we have to dive into the touchscreen and press tiny virtual buttons. 

So the device would be in MIDI mode, receiving data (in my case BPM), something drifts, and I could press nudge and instead of getting "Button Disabled..." the DJS would come out of MIDI mode, go into Pro Link and the sequencer would be adjusted appropriately - all with one hardware button action.  It seems simple as those buttons are literally doing nothing while in MIDI mode but I'm no programmer.  It's a workflow thing that I questioned while trying to sync mixing vinyl with my DJS.  

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