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Help restoring rekordbox library without proper back up


My computer had a meltdown. I've managed to retrieve all my data (now on a hard drive) and I've got a new computer.

What I'm trying to do: restore my Rekordbox library with cues, tags etc. The music side of things is fine as all music files are easily imported; it's the data side of stuff that I can't fiture out.

The issue:

  • Installed Rekordbox 6.6.6 but when I go to restore the library, the database files are NOT visible from within the Rekordbox menu. Now, this isn't suprising as I haven't backed up my Rekordbox library using the inbuilt back up function (yes, I'm stupid!).

  • However, outside of Rekordbox (i.e. when going into the folder directly) I can see some files saying 'master.backup' (Data Base File) and 'master' (Data Base File), 'master.backup2' (Data Base File'. I'm assuming theser are some kind of auto -back up files?

  • In the image below you can see what I mean. Note - the old back up files from 2020 aren't of interest to me. I'm more interested in the files from 2022

Is it possible to restore my library with these files? If so, how do I do so?



Neil Stevenson

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Copy the master.db file (in your screenshot, showing without the .db as it appears you have Windows hiding the file extensions) into the active rekordbox directory.

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I copied the whole folder structure over and it worked. Thanks for the help

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