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Updating Locations Through Device Sync (on Tracks Which are Already on the Device)

I always store my tracks on my (FAT32) USB Drive, since I take tracks from a different PC than the laptop I use to manage tracks. This means that while all of my tracks are in my laptop's collection, they all point to locations within my USB drive. So one day I decided to go through my library and sort the tracks in folders, so I can more easily transfer between different softwares. Of course, I used the relocate function to relocate all the tracks, which was no issue since they were all sorted nicely in the folders I made.


Now the issue is that while the collection on my laptop correctly points to the new location, the tracks on the USB device, under the 'devices' section, has all the same playlists and tracks, but they all point to wrong locations.

What I have tried to do is use the sync manager, as stated before. I have also tried to delete the playlists containing the problematic files and re-exporting them.

I do have a solution, but I don't think it's really sustainable. I deleted the problematic tracks from the 'All Tracks' section of the USB Drive, then exported the playlists from my laptop's collection. Now that I have completely re-ordered the structure of my drive, I'll have to basically delete and re-export all of my tracks. This took some time, but I don't want to have to do this every time I rearrange my files so I would really appreciate a solution if it exists, since it should just be an issue of syncing the metadata along with the track titles and cues etc. Thanks!

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