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Rekordbox + Interface 2 audio glitches

Recently i've moved from Serato DJ to Rekordbox, using a brand new Interface 2 box with brand new rekordbox vinyl timecodes.

My machine is a Macbook Pro 2017, 16GB RAM.

Often i'm having the kind of problem i recorded on the video below :


First i thought the problem could be my needles or vinyl, but then note that in this example, i was playing on INTERNAL mode, so even on internal these dropouts on the sound happens.

Any hints, please ?

Sometimes closing Rekordbox, unpluggin Interface 2 USB / plug again fix the issue. 

I already trying increasing the buffer size on Preferences > Audio, no lucky.

The funny thing is , when i use the same setup with Rane SL3 instead of Interface 2, everything works fine.

Daniel Costa Answered

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