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Issue with Rekordbox Cloud Sync (not loading on 2nd comp.)

Hi folks I thought I'd try here as I'm scrambling and don't know what to do - have a gig today. Would greatly appreciate any help.

I just upgraded to the Professional subscription - This is because my original computer is no longer able to export to USB since it is a corporate work computer and they've just applied a new security policy preventing this.

I tried to move my playlists I need to my personal computer where I just downloaded rekordbox. I followed all the steps to enable Cloud Sync and triple checked everything.

I am now able to see all of the Metadata from my entire collection now on my new computer.

But I see a greyed out cloud box with a strikethrough in my new personal computer where I need to access the tracks so I can load them onto the USB from there.

It has been over an hour now where both Rekordbox status (across both computers) have been synced as shown on the top of the screen.

The error is "Load Error. The file could not be found"

I'm not sure why this is happening. The only thing I can think of is maybe the amount of storage of this person computer where I am trying to access the files from is cutting it close. However I didn’t sync my entire collection but only a few playlists, maybe 5-6 GB total.

Just in case, the total Collection size is 18.3 GB but I have 18.63 GB available on this hard drive (on my personal computer). My Dropbox space isn’t an issue since I’ve used less than 1TB out of my 2 TB subscription. I have not synced any Dropbox folders/files (to be made offline) on this computer to preserve the space, other than rekordbox folder but that just contains the out of the box samples from loopcloud.

Both computers are Macbooks - 1 is running Monterey the other is Big Sur. 1 Rekordbox is 6.6.7 the other is 6.6.5.

I am not able to delete any more files at the moment to free up more space..

Can you please advise what to do here / let me know what is causing this issue?

I was expecting an easy sync but now have spent hours trying to find help online and getting really worried.

Greatly appreciate any help!

Ruslan Nadjafov Answered

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