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Strange behaviour

Hi team,

My PC is an ASUS Zenbook UX325 with 16Go of ram, windows 11. It's properlly updated and cleaned.

I have the last version of RKB with a DDJ1000  (last firmware and driver).

When I have RKB with a song running and that I want to do something else at the same time on my PC, browse the internet or dowload a file from a USB stick for example, the sound become choppy almost immediatly. When I stop the other activity on the PC, after that I close all the windows, after a few second the sound come back to normal. I changed the USB câble just in case but it still the same.

My other issue is that sometimes I want to set a cue point on the fly. The cue point is properly set however it doesn't appear, it is not registered, in the cue list. Also it doesn't appear on the waveform/time line. But if I press the cue pad it works.

Thank you for your assistance.



PHC Answered

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