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Rekordbox Cloud Library Sync with Online Only in Dropbox?



I have Cloud Library Sync from the Creative Plan and bought Dropbox. Files sync to my Dropbox folder but what I want is for them to be online only, and only "downloaded" when I need to play them in RB or export them to a USB drive for playing on a CDJ. I have tried this with one file for testing and the file simply does not load in a deck. Would this be possible to do? I am using Mac OS Ventura and RB 6.6.7


Thanks in advance for any help.

Ines Duarte Answered

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Well, Ventura still isn't officially supported yet, so I'll leave that disclaimer here first.

But that said, Dropbox has an option to set your Selective Sync option for "Online Only" -- it's exactly how I do it with my 256GB internal storage and over 1TB worth of music... it's all in the cloud, downloaded on demand by rekordbox. It takes a moment, but it works.

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What @pulse says is true, the problem is switching to online only mode.

As far as I'm aware you can only set this when setting up the Dropbox account, once the account is active you can't switch this. You may want to try to remove all the dropbox preferences (a few are hidden) and actviate the account again, but at the risk that a lot of things are deleted from your Dropbox account.

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